Wireless Audio

Bowers & Wilkins  •  2011  2016

What originally began with the Zeppelin Air in 2010 evolved into a range of Wireless Speakers. In my time at B&W, I helped bring Zeppelin Air Lightning, Z2, and Zeppelin Wireless to market. All Wireless Speakers enabled users to wirelessly stream audio from any iOS device or iTunes app via AirPlay. With Zeppelin Wireless, we additionally integrated Spotify Connect and Bluetooth streaming, inviting Android customers to experience the audio performance Bowers & Wilkins is known for.

On top of this, each Wireless Speaker was compatible with the Control app, which we created primarily to assist Bowers & Wilkins customers with connecting any Wireless Speaker to their Wi-Fi network.

Product Development

During the development of new Wireless Speakers, I worked alongside the engineering and management teams to define the overall experience a Bowers & Wilkins customer would have. Over time, this included defining device interaction models, determining button functionality and placement, as well as identifying key LED states and transitions.

Zeppelin Air Lightning



Zeppelin Wireless

Zeppelin Wireless

Control App


Prior to Control, the only method of connecting the original Zeppelin Air to a home network was by plugging in Ethernet between the it and a computer, entering an IP address in a web browser, then configuring via the returned static web page.

This app fundamentally shifted the interaction with any Wireless Speaker away from the browser to iOS. It enabled customers to register their Speakers, receive news and updates from Bowers & Wilkins, wirelessly install the latest firmware, and learn how to use AirPlay.

With Zeppelin Wireless, we also added the ability to remotely view and control the audio streaming to it, even if your device was not the origin.

App features

App features

Similarly to the Bluetooth Utility app, I have been the principle designer for Control since v1.0 in 2011, and have shepherded it through years of iOS iterations, new Wireless Speakers, and feature updates. Along the way, this has included UI / UX Design, Strategy, Information Architecture, Wireframes, and Interaction Design.

Initial sketches

Flow diagrams

Device scaling