Jawbone UP

Visere, Jawbone  •  2011 → 2012

Prior to (and following) acquisition in 2012, Visere was Jawbone's agency of record for work on the UP fitness band and iOS app. We were brought in after Jawbone had already begun hardware development to help define the interactions between a user and the band, the band and the app, and the data flowing throughout the entire ecosystem.

The goal of UP was to provide anyone who used it with a holistic view of their health, comprehending daily activity, food intake, water intake, exercise and more. All these inputs would factor into how UP would respond, tailored to your experience rather than a one size fits all approach.

We worked closely with their in-house engineering and health science teams to determine how to properly leverage the data gathered by the band to define and design the launch version of the product, then turned around and immediately began work on the second version.

I worked directly on the app UI / UX, prototyped potential web experiences, and contributed to the overall documentation of the product.